Wedding Planning Nightmare

The ushers arrive 2 hours into the function. Cake person is just setting up the cake. The decorator has just cleared the walkway and is now working on the high table. Cocktails are not enough and you have a mob of 100 people scrambling for them. Meanwhile one of the family members didn’t fully clear the car bill so the car company will not Chauffeur the bride and groom to the reception until their balance is cleared.

I don’t know if I have managed to paint a worst case scenario that could happen without adequate planning and organisation. Traditionally in the Ugandan society we rely on family and friends to do most of the work surrounding events and parties, we expect that since we are close to them they should be able to take their responsibility very seriously and we assume that we can “easily” hold them accountable.

Now for the most part, some family members and friends are able to organize and properly hold down a function with little or no mishaps but the other simply require professional help.

The dynamics of planning a wedding are simply not as easy as they may seem, having to sort through hundreds of vendors and narrowing down to credible ones in this industry in its self is an up hill task. Details around the flow of the event and who will be in charge of different tasks is also not so obvious, maintaining a certain budget and monitoring its expenditure is another nightmare, in short you need a wedding planner more than you think.

The number one reason you must invest in a wedding planner has to do with accountability. You need to be able to communicate your expectations and then take a back seat to the planning process, and then expect to only be engaged at critical decision making times.

A good wedding planner is at-least 5 steps ahead of the couple in terms of their needs and expectations, they lighten the load and help the couple to actually enjoy the beautiful moments involved in planning a wedding like cake tasting, choosing colors, dress fittings, engagement shoots, make-up try outs etc. All the frustrating phone calls that are usually involved during this process different vendors a re-routed.

It is also important to work with someone who already understands the industry and how it works. In most cases a good wedding planner already has a list of trusted vendors they usually work with. Vendors that have been tested and tried through a span of experience, so as a couple you would be riding on that wealth of information.

This blog post is in no way bashing the people that take wedding planning into their own hands but its simply trying to open your eyes to the possibilities on the other side of the field, the peaceful side of the field, where your planning is detailed and well executed without any familiar excuses.

Tell us below if you have hired a planner before or not and how your experience went

Simplex Favors as a company provides Event planning services and we also have other partners in the industry that we trust to do the same LittleMissPlanner (@lmp_ug on instagram ) and Gabriella Mayiga check them out on instagram.

In our next blog post about event planning we shall specifically point out a few tips on how to plan your wedding and also avail quick templates to use.


Christine & Diana

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