Spice Up Your Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are one of the easiest ways to ensure your guests remember your special day for a little while after. It’s the perfect way to thank all your guest for showing up and celebrating with you and an opportunity to give them a little something to remember both of you by. Here are a few unique ideas you can choose to go with.

Mini Wine Bottles

Who doesn’t love wine? You’ll have incredibly excited guests with these adorable mini wine bottles. You can purchase the bottles and then fill them up with your favorite rosé, red or white wine and add a customized label for that personal touch.


Candles are becoming more and more popular as gifts here in Kampala and therefore more easily accessible. Choose a few of your favorite scents and make mini ones as take-home favors for your guests. If time and budget allow, add handwritten or printed notes to make them a little more special.

Miniature Pastries

Any sweet-tooth couple in the house? How about mini doughnuts as wedding favors? You can have the person doing your wedding do these too at, what should be, a subsidized price. Depending on the size of your guest list, you can have them custom decorated and/or add a personal note .


If as a couple your careers or interests lean toward writing or reading, small notebooks would be the perfect wedding favors. You can have the covers custom designed and add your favorite quote or a personalized message inside the notebook.

Nail Polish

It doesn’t get any cuter than nail polish! Add a witty line or two and these make for the sweetest wedding favors particularly during your bachelorette party or bridal shower, or even as a sweet morning gift for your bridesmaids and matron. You can choose a color and get bottles in different shades so you can cater to everyone you are gifting.

Cocktail Kits

Cocktails are probably included in everyone over 18’s favorite things. How about deconstructed cocktails as party favors? You can use an assortment of different alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks so each guest is surprised by what’s in there’s or you can use drinks similar to your signature one.

Jam Jars

Another one for our sweet toothed couples, mini jam jars also make for great party favors, especially if your guest list is slightly older. You can buy your favorite jam and jars separately and then customize the packaging yourselves a tag or note or you can support a local business and have someone make the jam and pack it for you.

Flavoured Popcorn

Another easy and budget friendly wedding favor is packed popcorn. Couple it with one of your favorite cute quotes and have them in flavors like caramel and chocolate and you’ll have very happy guests!

Customized Coasters

Coasters make for great wedding favors particularly because of how long they can be used for afterward. Your wedding guest will have a remnant of your special day in their homes for a long time to come. You can have them hand written or printed with your initials and wedding and/or a cute quote.

Coffee Beans

Do you love coffee as a couple? Coffee Beans in a cute bag with a customized message would make a unique and personal touch. It will probably be greatly appreciated by your guests the morning after the party!

Which one is your fave from our suggestions? Do you have any other wedding favor ideas? Share in the comments below!

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