Backdrops without Flowers Anyone?

One of the easiest ways to add character to any event is with photo backdrops. If you do them right, they could save you a few shillings on décor and will be what people remember most, because of all the pictures. For weddings especially, most backdrops seem to very heavily involve flowers. Flowers though, tend to be a bit expensive, and – let’s face it – a little repetitive and tacky.

Here are a few backdrop ideas that might save you a few bucks and create even better memories for you and your loved ones.

A simple ribbon backdrop is really classy and very easy to set up. You can choose to use one statement colour or play around with a few tones around your theme colour. You can jazz it up with some lights or a few leaves or you can stick to simple and let the ribbons be.

Photo frames can be very easy to access and are perfect if your theme has a few vintage or rustic vibes. They’re great for more fun pictures as they can be used as props too.

Palettes as a base for a backdrop are great, first off because they can be re-used. You can go for a classy vintage feel with some classic furniture, or you could add your favorite quotes and a few lanterns for a personal touch.

Poetry is incredibly romantic. For weddings especially, a backdrop with one or two of the couples favourite poems, or better yet, poems they have written themselves can be very beautiful.

If your event is outdoor with more rustic vibe, another great idea for a backdrop is an old door, spruced up with a few lights or leaves. If you get tones in line with the theme they would photograph beautifully.

Another cost saving idea for a backdrop is wood, cut and arranged symmetrically. You can add a few leaves or lights for character and voila!

If you generally lean towards style that more bohemian, how about a backdrop of gorgeous dreamcatchers? Once again, you can play around with your theme colors or keep it subtle with white and have all the focus on you and your loved ones.

If your décor service provider is big on draping, then using some of the extra material coupled with a few tea/Christmas lights can be absolutely stunning. The photo booth can work well into the evening if your event runs late and can make for some gorgeous silhouette type photos.

Another great idea for a backdrop is mirrors. They instantly add a touch of class and can make for unique perspective photos.

Another incredible cost effect material for backdrops can be metal. Really easy to access at your mechanic’s shop, you can be grunge and edgy and use some as is, or spruce up some of the pieces with varnish or spray paint. You can add candles or lights and instantly class up your backdrop!

Once you get creative, you’ll find that there are many ways to create beautiful backdrops for your event, without using a whole host of flowers. Which is your favorite among our suggestions? Do you have some ideas of your own?

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