Let’s Talk Color

One of the first questions we usually ask our clients is their theme color, and the main reason why this question is important, has to do with the fact that we build a whole design concept based on those colors.

Color plays a big role in how your theme is interpreted by your guests , whether its a themed birthday party or a beach wedding, it’s important to keep in mind the colors you will be working with and why you have gravitated towards them.

Colors set the tone for the entire celebration, whether you want something bright and modern like blue and pink, a classic combo like black and white, or a glam pairing like blush and gold


Every wedding is romantic but filling your day with pale grays and the lightest of lavenders is the color equivalent of saying, “Love. Lives. Here.” And carrying a billowy bouquet of dahlias, clematis, delphiniums, hellebores, andromeda, and garden roses only adds to the otherworldly mood.

There is also something about a bright color combo that says we are about to have fun, neutrals are always fancy and metallics compliment them well.


As a person planning a party it’s important to have a color palette check out Design Seeds for all your color palettes and inspiration.



Simplex Team





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